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What’s a Felony?

The government establishes crimes and punishments to keep citizens safe and to maintain order. Breaking the law has a variety of consequences that are determined by a criminal court. The more severe the crime, the more serious the charge and intensive the punishment to deter the possibilities of societal wrongdoings.

What Constitutes a Felony

There are the three different types of crimes that are established within the criminal court system in the United States of America. The severity of the crime determines which of these three categories the accused will be charged with. The three categories include infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies.

Felonies are the most serious crime that can be committed and the best way to understand these serious issues is by knowing the difference between all three categories. Infractions are the least serious crimes and are usually taken care of quickly and with practically no court involvement. Misdemeanors are the next step up and can result in up to a year in prison. Felonies are the crimes that are held with the highest degree of scrutiny, which result in jail time well beyond the punishments of a single year.

How Much Jail Time for a Felony?

As stated earlier, felonies result in over a year of jail time. The length of time and form of punishment is based upon the nature of the crime and the basis of intent. No two crimes are the same, even if they are both felonies. For example, murder is typically held the highest above all other crimes. Moreover, it results in the longest amount of jail time. A burglary, while still a very serious crime, will typically result in shorter jail time because taking a life is viewed with more seriousness than the taking of belongings.

The accused’s intent is another important factor that determines the length of jail time. If a murder is committed on accident, with no premeditation, the sentence is typically shorter than if the opposite scenario takes place. The jury will base their decisions on the plea by the prosecution and the defense.

There are countless factors that determine the punishments that fit the crimes that are committed. Those who commit felonies must be prepared the harshest possible consequences to pay for their actions. Legal help is always available to give you the most information possible to know the best way to defend yourself in court. You never have to be alone during this most concerning time. Get the advice you need and schedule a consultation with Torigian Law today.

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