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What Is a Pending Criminal Charge?

The complex criminal justice system can often seem like a maze to those unfamiliar with it. Its complexity can make dealing with certain things, such as pending charges, a difficult and often overwhelming task. Here, we’ll break down what a pending criminal charge is and steps to take if you are ever charged with one.

What is the Definition of a Pending Charge?

In most criminal situations, a suspect is arrested and charged with that crime. However, in some cases, there is the need for further review. A pending charge is when the prosecutor is deciding whether or not to charge the convicted as is, to add additional charges, to reduce the charges, or sometimes even to discard the charge altogether. Essentially, a pending charge means that nothing has been officially filed and the prosecutor is still reviewing the suspect’s case.

What to do if You Receive a Pending Criminal Charge?

It is not a comfortable feeling to find out you have a pending criminal charge. Stay calm. Before you worry about the charge, you first need to verify some critical information. You need to determine if the charge even has anything to do with you. Ask yourself if there was a situation that may have led to this charge. Once you have determined the cause of the pending criminal charge, it’s time to call the professionals. Contacting a law professional before you go to the police is crucial. Often, people make the mistake of trying to handle pending charges without receiving professional help, which can leave them with false accusations.

How Does a Pending Criminal Charge Affect You?

When people are issued a pending criminal charge, they will often have several questions. One common concern is how a pending criminal charge will affect their lives. How much a pending charge affects your life depends on the state in which you reside. Across most states, however, pending charges show up in things like background checks, which can have some impact on your life. Some employers may be more prone to stay away from you or raise concern when they find criminal charges, even if they are just pending. Luckily, there are labor laws in most states that prevent employers from discriminating because of a pending charge.

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