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How To Get a Divorce

There may come a time in your life where things do not feel the same as they once did. And know this up front, this is okay. Sometimes it comes without warning, other times it may slowly show signs, but divorce is something that may benefit both you and your spouse when times prove to be more difficult than joyful.

Getting a divorce is a very serious legal situation that differs depending on the state you live in. After discussing the divorce with your spouse, it will be important to go to court to learn all the intricacies your state may require. Your next step will be to hire an attorney who will help you throughout the entirety of the process.

How to File for Divorce

To file for your divorce, you must first draft a petition to have the separation recognized in the court of law. An attorney will guide you to ensure you include all the necessary information to ensure the most positive outcome for you and your belongings. You must include the dates of your marriage, the grounds for your divorce, and any information regarding children if applicable.

Children and property must be designated between the two spouses. Both parties must agree to the terms of divorce before the petition can be filed and verified. Most importantly, child custody must be decided before a divorce can be finalized.  This determines the visitation rights of each parent. It also determines if any visitation rights are granted the other spouse.


Where to File Divorce Papers

After you have completed drafting your petition, you will then be required to file your divorce papers to your county court. After handing the petition to the court clerks, it must be signed for verification. A fee will also be applied to your submission. The price of the fee varies depending on the county you reside in.

You must give your spouse time to respond to your petition and they will then be able to either agree to the terms you laid out or issue a counter-petition with their own requests. If a counter-petition is proposed, the divorce must go to court and be decided by a judge.

Filing for divorce is never an easy decision. Unfortunately, its’ nearly impossible for both parties to reach an agreement that is equally beneficial. With the proper counsel and guidance of an attorney, you won’t have to go through it all alone.

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