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Keeping it Family Friendly: Family Law Mediation Tips


There are certain circumstances nobody can prepare for; accidents, fires, custody battles, divorce hearings. Being in court with someone who was or is your family member is extremely difficult, however, mismanagement can cause it to be unnecessarily messy. How can both parties agree to make a tough situation easier? Below are some tried and true methods of keeping the peace.

1. Keep Mediation as the Goal.

Going to court is not necessary unless mediation will not work. Choosing to work with attorneys who see how important mediation is can save all parties involved money and stress. Of all mediation tips that exist, the most important one is to try it.

2. Don’t use blaming words.

At the point of divorce court or custody cases, the decision to split up has already been made. Moving beyond blaming each other for why helps keep the focus on the future and leaves the fighting that ended the relationship in the past.

3. Decide on new ways to resolve conflict.

Divorced couples with children still need to make decisions together for a long time even after a split. Finding new ways to settle disputes and share responsibility can help keep the peace and will even help the children see the divorce in a positive light.

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