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Criminal Justice

What Is a Pending Criminal Charge?

The complex criminal justice system can often seem like a maze to those unfamiliar with it. Its complexity can make dealing with certain things, such as pending charges, a difficult and often overwhelming task. Here, we’ll break down what a pending criminal charge is and steps to take if you are ever charged with one.…

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How to File Criminal Charges

Just because someone has committed a crime doesn’t mean he or she will immediately be arrested or charged. Police and prosecutors do not arrest or charge people solely on a single person’s claims. Unless the police witnessed the crime, the evidence is needed to bring justice to those that have committed a crime. If you…

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What is a Misdemeanor?

Facing a legal charge of any kind is concerning. However, it’s important to understand the legal language behind those charges. Some of the most common offenses in America are misdemeanors. We’ll explain what misdemeanors are, give examples of common offenses, and then discuss how misdemeanors are tried. Finally, we’ll outline the penalties a judge may…

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What Happens After Being Charged with a Crime?

Receiving formal notice of criminal charges is always terrifying. It feels like you’re facing the entire legal system by yourself, and without an experienced criminal lawyer, you essentially are. Understanding what pending criminal charges mean, the difference between civil and criminal cases, and the role of a criminal lawyer gives you the head start you’ll…

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What’s a Felony?

The government establishes crimes and punishments to keep citizens safe and to maintain order. Breaking the law has a variety of consequences that are determined by a criminal court. The more severe the crime, the more serious the charge and intensive the punishment to deter the possibilities of societal wrongdoings. What Constitutes a Felony There…

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Ahead of the Curve: Medical Insurance for Undocumented Immigrants

Undocumented immigrants make up about 6% of California’s population, making it a hot spot for topics like immigration and immigration reform. In September 2015, California Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 4 allowing undocumented children up to 19 years old full Medi-cal benefits. This is a far cry from prop 187 which blocked anyone who was…

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