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Archive for June 2017

How to Get Child Support

Child support is a difficult subject for many parents. It can be hard to know what is considered a fair amount of child support. It’s also frustrating to know who determines how much child support is paid. These questions often cause major strife within the family. To help alleviate some of the stress, these steps…

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How to Calculate Child Support

When facing a divorce, supporting the children affected is vital. Unfortunately, the process of calculating child support is often overwhelming and confusing. It’s easy to get frustrated and lost in the shuffle of things. The formula used to generate payments seems foreign and confusing. However, every case is decided by using the same formula. This…

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What Happens After Being Charged with a Crime?

Receiving formal notice of criminal charges is always terrifying. It feels like you’re facing the entire legal system by yourself, and without an experienced criminal lawyer, you essentially are. Understanding what pending criminal charges mean, the difference between civil and criminal cases, and the role of a criminal lawyer gives you the head start you’ll…

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